High Quality Services

Ros Giyim, maintains its competitiveness in the market by providing high quality services and products. Our policy, understand our customers correctly, is the best way to fulfill their expectations.Customer satisfaction is very important for us.

Modeling Service

We have extensive expertise in manufacturing new styles in the textile industry.

High Quality

We offer reliable,high quality products with competetive prices.

Happy Client

The customer satisfaction is always in high importance for us.

Aesthetic Design

Ros Giyim, always retains its place in the market by offering high-quality products.

“The creative side of fashion…”


With the knowledge and experienced staff , new projects are being implemented in a very short time.

R&D Work

R&D Work

R & D work within the yarn in order to develop new products and new product development is monitored developments in the sector.



Ros Giyim, coordinating new product development together with related production units