Who Are We?

sunrino-hakkimizdaRos Giyim Dış Tic ve San Ltd Stı;

Ros Giyim has been established in 2011 and located mainly in Güneşli

We are experienced in knitwear for women,men and children

As a part of our total quality management philosophy;we are continiously  improving our quality in accordance with develophing technology and searching for options to give the best price with the best quality in shortest lead times as possible for our customers

Also we developed new fabric types which we believe we follow and create fashion

We are an unique business with the ability to supply high fashion styles in huge volume lines and locally working with established companies

Our capabilities include a wide variety of jersey,viscose,jacquard,cut and saw fabric

Ros giyim is membership of sedex we have Sedex, Inditex and Primark audited